Small Lot Housing Code 2 Project – Update 2022

Project Overview 

The purpose of the project is to introduce a new Small Lot Housing Code (SLHC) typology. The new Type-C standards will seek to facilitate a more diverse range of housing typology on lots between 75-150 square metres. The Type-A and B standards may be reviewed as part of this project, however this is subject to the feedback received and the practicality of including the changes as part of this project. 

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) engaged Six Degrees in November 2021 to lead the design testing for the new Type-C. The VPA will then prepare a revised SLHC and Practice Note implementing the new Typology and any other changes.  

A planning scheme amendment will be required to introduce the new SLHC in planning schemes where the SLHC already applies.  

The project will also investigate the potential implementation of the SLHC in renewal sites in established areas. The project will not expand its use into these areas, but outline the opportunities and risks, should this be desired in the future. 


Streamlining for Growth funding was received for the Small Lot Housing Code 2 project in the 2021/22 Financial Year. 

Next steps  

The VPA are currently establishing a working group to consider the revised SLHC in early 2022 and will commence a public consultation period mid-2022. 

The draft version of the revised SLHC is expected to be released for public comment with the public consultation material. 

The project including the planning scheme amendment is to be completed in 2022.  

Stay informed 

If you wish to stay informed of the project, including key milestones and when the public consultation period commences, please email Morris Edwards – 


Morris Edwards
Senior Planner – Planning Services
Telephone: (03) 8644 8802