Metropolitan Activity Centres

Metropolitan Activity Centres play a strategically important role for their subregional catchments by providing the community with good access to a range of major retail, community, government, entertainment, cultural and transport services. As the city grows, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is planning the Metropolitan Activity Centres to maximise opportunities for all Melburnians to access a broad range of goods and services.

These centres are hubs for public transport enabling access from the surrounding suburbs. The VPA is planning for integrated transport that supports the change.

The VPA is planning for centres such as Ringwood, Broadmeadows and Dandenong to secure broad investment in education, health and other services. It is vital jobs continue to grow in our suburbs, to reduce congestion on our roads and public transport system; minimise our environmental footprint; and give people back precious leisure time. At present 86% of Melbourne residents work outside of the central business district and the Victorian Government has a vision to encourage Metropolitan Activity Centres to develop with a diverse range of jobs, activities and housing for their subregional catchments.