Plan Melbourne

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050  is the Victorian Government’s long-term planning strategy, guiding the way the city will grow and change to 2050. The strategy outlines measures to support jobs close to homes, services and transport and identifies the areas that will accommodate Melbourne’s future growth.

In partnership with the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), local councils and the community, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has a key implementation role for Plan Melbourne 2017-2050. The strategy provides the overarching direction for our work.

We work with government departments and agencies, local councils, landowners and development partners to plan for the future urban structure of places identified in Plan Melbourne 2017-2050, including urban renewal areas; the National Employment and Innovation Clusters; greenfield growth areas; and regional towns and cities.

We focus on facilitating appropriate development and coordinating government investment. Our role includes coordinating efforts across government departments and agencies to implement the strategy’s directions.

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050  focuses closely on challenges relating to climate change and housing affordability and reflects current government transport commitments and priorities. Plan Melbourne 2017-2050  was released in March 2017.

For further information, refer to the Plan Melbourne website here.