Streamlining for Growth Reports

Streamlining for Growth Evaluation Framework – Impact Evaluation Framework Report

This evaluation of the Streamlining for Growth Program quantifies the benefits of the Program and measures the value to the state.

Reports benefitting all Growth Area Councils

The Streamlining for Growth Program funded several projects that benefit all Growth Area Councils. These reports are ordered by year of funding.



  • Reducing Delays in Utility Approvals
  • Precinct Structure Plan process-improvements
  • Review and update Small Lot Housing Code
  • Growth Area Council Health Check
  • Skills Facilitation Project
  • Urban Growth Zone Schedules Audit
  • Conditions Management Tool
  • Planning Permit Integration with SPEAR
  • Path to Accredited Approvals


  • Utilities Scoping Study Report
  • PSP Consistency
  • Greenfield Household Demographic Study
  • “Generally in Accordance” Guidelines/Practice Notes
  • Review and republication of Growth Area Model Planning Permit Conditions
  • Reducing Delays in Utility Approvals
  • Review of Benchmark Infrastructure Costings
  • Structure Planning Guidelines