Strategic Sites

There are a large number of sites across Melbourne that have been identified for redevelopment but, for a number of reasons, progress has been slow or has stalled.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is assisting councils, landowners and developers to speed up the redevelopment of these sites for jobs and housing by relieving planning backlogs and streamlining approvals.  This can happen in a range of ways, including by providing direct support and consultancy advice to councils.

The VPA understands that every site is different, with its own set of unique challenges – from rezoning issues to soil contamination. As such, the VPA adapts its approach to each project, working closely with key partners to determine the level and nature of support they require.

The VPA is already working on a number of strategic sites across Melbourne, including Clayton Business Park, the PMP Printing site in Clayton and the Altona North Strategic Site in Melbourne’s west. We are keen to hear from other councils or developers/landowners who may have specific sites that are of a scale or level of significance that would benefit from support.

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Braybrook Regeneration Project

Braybrook Regeneration Project The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is assisting the Department of Health and […]

Caulfield Train Station facade

Caulfield Station Precinct

Caulfield Station Precinct Structure Plan Located 10km southeast of Melbourne’s central business district within the […]

External image of the Clayton Business Park clock tower

Clayton Business Park Strategic Site

Clayton Business Park Comprehensive Development Plan The Clayton Business Park Strategic Site has been identified […]

Artist impression of the East Village

East Village Strategic Site

East Village The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) prepared the draft plan and associated planning scheme […]

Joseph Road Precinct

Joseph Road Development Contributions Plan The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is working with Maribyrnong City […]

Lilydale Quarry

Lilydale Quarry Strategic Site Lilydale Quarry has been identified as a project on the VPA’s […]

Aerial photo of the Northmeadows Strategic Site in Broadmeadows

Northmeadows Strategic Site

Northmeadows Strategic Site The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has supported Hume City Council and state […]

Artist impression of the PMP Printing site

PMP Printing Strategic Site

PMP Printing site The PMP Printing Strategic Site has been identified as a project on […]

Image of the Preston Markets fruit stall

Preston Market Strategic Site

Preston Market Planning Controls and Structure Planning The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is the Planning […]

Sandown Racecourse precinct map, described below

Sandown Racecourse

Sandown Racecourse The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is advising Greater Dandenong City Council about state […]

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