Six fast facts about Greenfields communities

  1. They are affordable: the median price of a serviced lot in Melbourne’s greenfields is currently $345,000 per lot – around $128,500 less than an equivalent lot on the fringes of Sydney.
  2. They are green: most new suburbs have up to 20% open space, which involves incorporating local wetlands and preserving environmental qualities.
  3. They are walkable: at least 90% of houses in a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) area are within a 10-minute walk of a town centre, community centres and a primary school. Furthermore, 90% of houses are within a five-minute walk of local parks, including sports reserves. Main roads have off-road bicycle paths delivered in the early stages of development. This focus on walking and cycling infrastructure makes greenfield areas healthy places to live.
  4. They are compact: recently completed PSPs have a required density of 16 – 18 dwellings per net developable hectare – making them far more compact than many established Melbourne suburbs.
  5. They have many housing options: PSP-designed areas provide a variety of housing options, including traditional houses, townhouses and apartments, so that people at different stages of their life can find the housing they want.
  6. They will be located close to future jobs: our plans for new suburbs include areas designated for different types of jobs in future – including in small enterprise areas for local businesses; town centres; mixed-use areas; and industrial estates.