Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan

Amendment C228 to the Casey Planning Scheme

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in consultation with Casey City Council and government agencies, has prepared the draft Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) to guide new urban development within the Minta Farm precinct area.

The Minta Farm Precinct has a total land area of approximately 285 hectares of land within the City of Casey and is around 40 kilometres south east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. The site is generally bounded by the Princes Freeway to the north, Cardinia Creek to the east, Grices Road to the south and Soldiers Road to the west.

The Future Urban Structure (FUS) plan illustrates the vision for the development of approximately 2,850 dwellings and a regionally significant employment hub supporting around 11,000 local jobs. The new Local Town Centre supporting a mix of commercial, office and knowledge-based and technology businesses, providing opportunities for diverse range of employment close to home.

Proposed 96A Subdivision Application

A planning permit application is also being considered concurrently to the PSP. The application seeks approval for the first stage of residential development being 231 lots.

The application, and supporting technical documents will be evaluated against the draft and final plan before a decision is made.

Interactive Map of Minta Farm PSP

Planning Panels Victoria have finalised the Planning Panel report for Minta Farm which details recommendations for the final Plan based on submissions made during exhibition.

You can read the final report here.

Background Information

A Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is a land use and infrastructure plan to guide development of the area over time. It sets out the intended Future Urban Structure detailing land uses, infrastructure and built-form outcomes to be reflected by development applications. Together with the broader planning framework, precinct structure planning is an important part of the State Government’s strategy to address population growth, housing and employment demands.

A planning permit application is also being exhibited for the proposed subdivision of land for new homes.

The application area is approximately 12 hectares adjacent to Soldiers Road south of Chase Boulevard, and seeks approval for the proposed subdivision of land into 231 residential lots as the first stage of development.

The application is supported by technical reports in planning, transport, and services, to address any potential impacts prior to approval.

Project Information

The Minta Farm Precinct is located in the City of Casey local government area, in the South East Growth Corridor.

The precinct is around 285 hectares of land generally bounded by the Princess Freeway and O’Shea Road reservation to the North, Cardinia Creek to the east, Grices Road to the south, and Soldiers Road to the west.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in collaboration with Casey City Council, has prepared the draft Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan, a plan that will guide new urban development and reserve land for key infrastructure within the Minta Farm precinct.

A draft plan is now being exhibited for community feedback, including a permit application for new homes. The draft plan proposes new homes and jobs, local parks, community uses and key infrastructure.

Once approved, the Casey Planning Scheme will be amended to incorporate the final PSP. The permit application outlines the proposed subdivision plan to guide the first stage of residential development.

The plan considers the existing natural features of the site, surrounding uses and infrastructure needs of the community.

Technical investigations in housing and employment, transport, Aboriginal heritage, environment and biodiversity, social infrastructure and open space, and utilities have been undertaken to prepare the draft plan.

Numerous stakeholders have had input into the plan, including government agencies, utility providers and council.

The land within the Minta Farm PSP area is currently zoned as Urban Growth Zone (UGZ), so this draft amendment does not propose to rezone the majority of land, with the exception of small parcel of land generally located along the eastern boundary of the PSP area. This small parcel will be rezoned to Rural Conservation Zone.

However, this Amendment does propose land use and development controls, requiring development within the PSP area to be generally in accordance with the PSP.

The draft plan proposes a new residential area and employment hub to support around 2,850 homes (8,000 people) and 11,000 local jobs.

The draft plan also supports:

    • A Local Convenience Centre for convenience shopping and services
    • A future government primary school site
    • More than 16 hectares of parklands and sporting fields featuring a district park and a network of open space connecting to the Cardinia Waterway
    • A conservation area providing green space and protecting key areas of significant biodiversity

The draft plan includes guidelines on urban design and built form to ensure the area evolves into an attractive and convenient area with tree-lined streets, pedestrian and cycle paths, parks, shops and cafes.

Residential densities range from 11 to 30 dwellings per hectare with an average of 20.1 dwellings per hectare, which is slightly higher than many newly planned Melbourne suburbs.

Why is this work happening?

Yes, this one of the 17 new communities the Victorian Government is planning for by the end of 2018.

The area will be a vibrant and integrated residential and employment community. The draft plan incorporates the existing natural and built features alongside future urban land uses.

The proposed residential area and regionally significant employment hub will be well connected to public spaces in the town centre and the surrounding open space networks through convenient public and active transport links.

A high amenity and integrated park network will be connected to the remarkable constructed and natural waterway network along Cardinia Creek that is rich in biodiversity.

Infrastructure Contributions

An ICP is a simplified system for funding basic and essential local infrastructure required by a new community.

The ICP may be made of one or two parts, a standard levy and/ or a supplementary levy. The standard levy is a pre-set rate that may be used to fund transport, community and recreation infrastructure and public land provision. In particular circumstances a supplementary levy may also apply.

Through the preparation of Precinct Structure Plans, the VPA together with Councils has sought to understand and plan for the needs of the future community by anticipating the requirements of roads, intersections, bridges, community buildings and sports and recreation facilities.

This local infrastructure is funded through an Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP).

Within the south east growth area the standard levy for is $339,000 per net developable hectare for residential areas and $158,500 per net developable hectare for employment areas.

Within the north west growth area the standard levy for is $328,500 per net developable hectare for residential areas and $155,000 per net developable hectare for employment areas.

More information relating to the ICP can be found here.

More information relating to infrastructure items proposed for a particular PSP can be found in the Precinct Infrastructure Plan of that PSP.

The types of infrastructure that can be included in an ICP are referred to as allowable items.

The allowable items are listed in the Ministerial Direction on the Preparation and Content of Infrastructure Contributions Plans which can be found below:

Preparation and Content and Reporting Requirements for Infrastructure Contribution Plans

The draft plan identifies key infrastructure needed to support future uses, such as roads, schools, community facilities, and parks and open space.

Developers will contribute funds, or provide key infrastructure, as part of development applications.

Future Changes

The draft plan defines a road and active transport network to accommodate future growth, connectivity and movement within the precinct and between the surrounding areas.

A new north-south arterial road will provide access to and from the Princess Freeway and complete the arterial road network for the wider area.

In consideration of the existing surrounding round network, (particularly Soldiers Road), the plan includes a 1,000 lot cap on development for the delivery of the north-south arterial road. This means that after 1,000 residential lots are developed, no further development will be permitted until the road is built.

Next Steps

The Minta Farm PSP will be on exhibition from Thursday 19 October until Monday 4 December 2017.

The general public and key stakeholders are invited to make a submission on the draft plan and subdivision application until 4 December.

Following consideration of submissions, the VPA will consult with submitters to refine the PSP as appropriate. Any submissions that cannot be resolved will be referred to an independent planning panel for consideration.

Drop-in sessions

The VPA will be holding two drop-in sessions to give you an opportunity to view the draft plan and discuss the proposal.

Drop-in sessions will be held at the Gwendoline Children’s Centre in Berwick on:

  • 1 November 2017, 6:00pm till 8:00pm
  • 14 November 2017, 4:30pm till 7:00pm.

 View the Exhibited Documents

You can view the draft plan, permit application and key documents electronically from:

 Making a Submission

Submissions on Amendment C228 to the Casey Planning Scheme must be made in writing to the Victorian Planning Authority and sent to or posted to:

Victorian Planning Authority
Re: Amendment C228 or Minta Farm PSP
Level 25, 35 Collins Street

Submissions can also be made online by visiting the VPA website, please see the ‘Get Involved’ tab. 

Supporting Documentation

Casey C228 Explanatory Report Exhibition
DOC  Version
Casey C228 Instruction Sheet Exhibition
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Expert evidence index

This document outlines the expert evidence documents for the Minta Farm Planning Panel hearing.

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Minta Farm community newsletter
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Minta Farm - Background Report (VPA) - October 2017
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Minta Farm - 96A Application - Plan Set
PDF  Version
Minta Farm - 96A Application - Town Planning Report - 5 October 2017
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Minta Farm - 96A Application - Traffic Report - 5 October 2017
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Casey C228 Draft 96A Planning Permit Exhibition
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