PSP Prioritisation

The VPA Strategic Planning Work Program

The VPA’s work program of Precinct Structure Plans and other Strategic Planning projects is communicated each year through the VPA Business Plan as approved by the Minister for Planning. 

The Business Plan list of projects may be amended between business plans in response to changing circumstances and subject to the approval of the Minister for Planning. 

When assessing projects for the VPA Business Plan, a wide range of factors are considered, including but not limited to: 

  • Alignment with state policy (e.g. Plan Melbourne 2017 – 2050 and Regional Growth Plans) 
  • Alignment with the VPA Strategic Plan 2021-2024 (PDF)
  • Consistency with the VPA’s Statement(s) of Expectations as issued by the Minister for Planning and/or any other Minister 
  • Alignment with the policy positions of key Government agencies especially transport network planning
  • Response to current and projected population and economic growth pressures
  • Maintenance and delivery of appropriate at-scale zoned land supply for jobs and housing
  • Leveraging of existing or proposed infrastructure, including by demonstrating orderly contiguous expansion of existing urban areas and infrastructure networks
  • Readiness of the precinct for planning (e.g. issues to be resolved are manageable)
  • Alignment with the position of the relevant Council
  • Ability to readily coordinate planning and development across the relevant PSP area, including access to funding to meet the costs of planning work.

The VPA regularly engages with other State government agencies and local councils to assist with the evidence base for potential future projects. 

Due to the dynamic nature of factors that influence whether projects are included on the VPA business plan it is not possible or appropriate to provide a forward list of projects beyond the current Business Plan. 

The VPA does not solicit submissions from landowners in relation to the prioritisation of PSPs or other planning projects. 

The VPA does not provide details of its prioritisation criteria or assessments.

For more information on our work program, refer to the Victorian Planning Authority – Business Plan 2023/2024 (PDF).